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Downsizing for Retirement: Tips for Spectacular Small Spaces

If you’re considering downsizing for retirement by moving to a smaller home, you’re in great company! More and more of us are realizing the benefits of “rightsizing.” Smaller homes are more energy efficient, require less cleaning and maintenance, and are cozy and intimate. Living in a home without a lot of unused space forces us to carefully consider the things we own–making choices about what we need and what we don’t. At first, this might sound limiting, but it’s actually liberating. If you declutter and lighten your load, you’ll be surprised at how much less really is.

There are many ways to flaunt your style, no matter what size your home might be. It’s relatively easy to maximize the space you have for more comfortable and gracious living. Check out these tips for making smaller spaces amazing!

Downsizing for Retirement Tips & Tricks

Let go of extra stuff

One of the surprising benefits of living in a smaller space is that it gives you a good reason to let go of the things that no longer, or never did, serve a purpose in your life. Plus, items that are impractical, useless, or just don’t bring you joy can find new purpose when you gift or donate them. The truth is that younger generations don’t have an affection for collectibles—so keeping just a few prized family possessions to pass down has a much more significant impact.

Get creative with storage

There are many great storage options for seniors who are downsizing for retirement, with some so artfully designed that they also serve as beautiful pieces of furniture or décor. The key is to select furniture that provides extra storage, like ottomans and coffee tables that can house blankets or linens, and under-the-bed storage that looks like built-in drawers. In the kitchen and closets, storage containers like bins and baskets better utilize the space and make finding what you need easy.

Embrace Sleek Furniture

Big, bulky furniture takes up a lot of space, making any room feel cluttered. Sleek furniture with clean lines and exposed legs makes a room feel open and fresh. Creating more room for yourself and visitors makes any home inviting. Thoughtfully designed furniture like storage ottomans, drop-leaf kitchen tables, and nesting tables maximize your space in style.

Let the sunshine in

Every room feels so much larger with the proper lighting. So, decorate with window coverings that let lots of sun stream in during the day. In addition to allowing natural light in, add lighting throughout your home for the feeling of warmth. And for lighting that doesn’t take up any square footage and adds ambiance, choose pendant lighting, wall sconces, or string lights.

Go with lighter wall colors

Choosing paint colors for your home doesn’t have to cause you angst. Select light, airy colors to open up the appearance of the small spaces you are decorating. The simple reason is that darker colors absorb light, and lighter colors reflect light, making any space feel larger.

Express yourself

Although you want to keep most walls light, small spaces look lovely with a touch of bold color, print, and texture. Put up some bright, colorful wallpaper on an accent wall, or buy that pink velvet loveseat you’ve always wanted. The trick is to mix in some neutrals to be sure you don’t overwhelm the room. If you’re timid about going too bold, you can use colors and prints in smaller doses—create an accent wall, go wild with throw pillows, or have fun with picture frames.

Add life with plants and flowers

Adding greenery and flowers to your smaller home can breathe life and style into any room. The trick is not to overdo it. Luckily, even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are other options, like artificial plants that look amazingly real.

Enjoy newfound freedom

Moving to a maintenance-free senior living community means no more home maintenance and repair and the time and costs associated with them. This means you get more time back in your days and more funds to enjoy that time. And in most communities, you can lock up and go whenever the travel bug bites without worrying about weather, security, or maintenance. So, head out and explore!

When weighing the pros and cons of downsizing for retirement, most seniors find that smaller wins, especially if that involves moving to a senior living community where the lifestyle benefits of services, amenities, and a secure plan for their future often seal the deal. If you want to learn more about what an active senior living community like The Manhattan, coming soon to St. Petersburg, Florida has to offer you, call 727-291-7600 or click here to schedule a visit.