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How to really enjoy life after 65

Today we’re living longer and staying active. So, don’t we also deserve to be making the most of those years and enjoying life? Yes! And while exceeding our grandparents’ life expectancies is a good thing, it’s not enough to just coast along. You’re likely to have more time on your hands, and if you have children, they’re older and busy raising your grandchildren. That’s why this is the perfect time to do something you love. Better yet, discover more things to love! We hope you’ll look at the ideas below and use them as a springboard for putting more enjoyment into your years and creating the active retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Ways to Achieve an Active Retirement Lifestyle

See the World

Your retirement years are ideal for traveling, whether you prefer to go by land, sea, or air. When you select a senior living community like The Manhattan, coming soon to St. Petersburg, as your home base, you can enjoy worry-free travel, knowing that your residence will be secure and well-maintained when you return.

Preplanned group tours are an easy option and a way to make some new friends. Or choose your own adventure and your own timetable. Make your trips more fun by choosing a theme or a goal. Perhaps you’d like to visit all fifty states or attend a game at all the Major League Baseball stadiums. Maybe art museums, botanical gardens, or historical sites are more your style. Or set your sights on taking a safari, touring the Louvre, or visiting the countries where your ancestors lived.

Use Your Brain

Using your brain doesn’t have to be all book learning. Keep your mind healthy and active by pursuing a topic that has always interested you. Read the great classics, learn about astronomy, or study Native American culture. You can watch a video or join a class to learn how to speak a world language, build a bookshelf, or make your own pasta. Join a club to focus on photography, making pottery, or fly fishing. Living in a senior living community frees your time from home maintenance and other chores, so you’ll have time for yourself. The Manhattan will have a robust calendar of on-campus activities, including educational programming and clubs where you can learn from others who share your interests: 

  • Swim classes in the heated rooftop pool featuring cabanas and lounge seating
  • Playing bocce with friends
  • Working out in the fitness center with full-service gym, juice bar, and aerobics and movement studio
  • Catch a show in the 116-seat auditorium and theatre
  • Enjoy a massage
  • Grab a delicious meal in one of the many dining venues

In addition, community colleges, libraries, and senior centers also offer a variety of free lectures and inexpensive classes.

Rise to the Challenge

Who doesn’t love a challenge—or a good competition? As you get older, continue to challenge yourself to be better, stronger, and smarter. Challenge yourself to beat your best time when walking a mile or completing a tough Sudoku or crossword puzzle. You might want to let “man’s best friend” join the fun by learning to compete in dog agility together.

Friendly competition with friends will keep you on your toes and foster an active retirement lifestyle! Match wits with neighbors at Trivia night at a local hangout or a spirited evening of Scrabble or Bridge. Many senior living communities host regular card-playing groups and game nights on campus, making it easy and convenient to find friendly participants at your level. Competition can also add fun and motivation to your fitness routine, whether playing golf, enjoying pool volleyball, or entering the Senior Olympics.

Support a Cause

Even if you’re not usually a “joiner,” becoming part of an organization can invigorate your life. Consider getting involved in a cause you’re passionate about, whether local, national, or international. Your enthusiastic participation might even lead to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have, such as planning events, attending conferences, or appearing on TV.

You might want to use your energy for a church or charity, for a political campaign, or to support an environmental initiative. Whether you serve meals at a homeless shelter, advocate for a child in foster care, or help clean up a local park, you’ll meet interesting people, get exercise, and make a difference.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Shake things up by trying something completely new and different—and outside your comfort zone. An easy first attempt might be listening to some new music—consider a style or artist recommended by a grandchild or from a culture that’s very different from yours. Or choose a restaurant offering a type of cuisine you’ve never eaten, whether it’s vegan, Middle Eastern, or Caribbean. Some senior living communities make it easy to learn about new cultures with themed programming, including food and activities.

As you progress, explore things that aren’t considered typical—a former accountant could try out for a theater production, and an ordinarily shy bookworm could sing with friends at Karaoke night. Try your hand at knitting or macramé or tinker with the car’s engine. You could discover some new favorites or not. But whatever you try, plan to enjoy the experience!

With a bit of imagination, you are sure to come up with some original ideas for spicing up your retirement lifestyle. Some may not work out, but that’s okay. Just keep going! Keep an open mind and a positive attitude as you try out your ideas. Add a smile to your face, and you could have a fantastic time—and make new friends, too.

Want some help getting started? Contact The Manhattan coming soon to beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, and let us tell you about all the services and amenities you will have at your fingertips to create an active retirement lifestyle and get the most out of every day. Call 941-220-5219 to learn more or schedule a personal appointment.