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The Senior’s Guide to Gift Giving!

Love effortlessly spans generations, but gift preferences usually don’t! As a senior buying for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or even your own children, you can try to keep up with the latest video games or fashion trends, but they change so quickly even the best of us lose track and need some guidance. The good news is that there is an easier way to research holiday gift ideas and to make sure that the gifts you give put big smiles on your loved one’s faces.

To help you choose the right gift for everyone on our list, we’ve put together a gift giving guide that will make shopping for thoughtful gifts that earn the biggest hugs, downright fun.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Tap into the Online Wish List

While children may no longer take crayon or pen to paper to write their lists to Santa, these lists still exist. Only now, they’re online. Amazon and Pinterest are great examples. An Amazon wish list is a tool that lets users create a list of items they want or hope to get in the future. Wish lists are usually public and you can access them by going to the Amazon website and clicking on “Accounts & Lists” in the upper right. If you haven’t accessed someone’s wish list before, you can follow the simple steps Amazon provides. Pinterest is another great site featuring boards and pins that show you the things someone is interested in. You can search for public boards or ask your family and friends to share their boards with you. Amazon and Pinterest are great resources because they provide exact links for wish list items.

Think Togetherness

A gift that can also create unforgettable memories is not something you can hold in your hands, but rather, an experience. You can create this by buying tickets to a show, museum, spa day, or season passes to an amusement park. Other options might be a class they can take, or an event they can attend. This time together will be long remembered and cherished for years to come and with some passes and tickets, they can enjoy them all year long.

Make it Personal

Gifts that are personalized are incredibly special for those receiving them. Today we have the technology to create unlimited personalized items. For younger children, books with their names printed right into the story make them feel like a star. Consider a monogramed blanket or an engraved piece of jewelry, or even a personalized trendy item such as a Stanley Tumbler.  Regardless of what you pick, something designed just for them will surely make them feel loved.

Introduce Art and Craft Supplies

Supplies that bring out the inner artist are sure winners. They spark creativity and are usually still a favorite long after other toys have been pushed to the side. If you enjoy a particular art or craft, why not give the supplies needed to do it together? You may kindle a lifelong pastime. And if you want a gift that keeps on giving, you should consider a subscription that sends out gifts that arrive every month. Just choose the age of the recipient and what they’d be interested in. You’ll be appreciated every month when the package arrives.

Explore The Gift that Lasts All Year

There are subscriptions for just about every interest and desire. All you need to do is find something your loved one adores, and a subscription will guarantee they can enjoy it every month (or as often as you schedule it for). Online, you’ll find everything from candy of the month and steak of the month to sock of the moth!  In most cases, these much-cherished items are an indulgence and not something someone would buy for themselves. That makes it even more special!

Give Games for the Whole Family

Games are fun, educational and bring the whole family together. Game nights are a good excuse to turn off the television and put down the electronics. And it’s never been easier to find just the right game because you can find all of them online.  Whether you choose a classic like The Game of LIFE , or a newer game, you’ll be creating bonding time enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Accessorize Their Technology

For the older kids, accessories for technology are always a win. All ages are sure to be happy with a stand for their smartphone, a holder for their tablet, or even wireless headphones. You can get a little creative with a fun-colored phone case, or a custom one with a favorite photo on it. Just remember that different phones require different size cases, so be sure to confirm the type and version before you order.

Make it an Heirloom

Holiday gift ideas that are truly timeless, such as a piece of heirloom jewelry, are always smart options to consider for nearly any age group. Whether it’s a necklace, a charm, or a watch, if you’ve carefully selected it and it holds sentimental value, it’s sure to be a treasured gift for generations to come.

Create a Family Recipe Book

Family recipes are a taste of home. There is nothing like getting together for a holiday and having your favorite dish served. It’s like a warm hug! Make sure the younger ones in your life will be able to continue to enjoy these very special dishes and one day pass them on just as you did. Putting something together can be as simple as filling out recipe cards and placing them in a gift box. If you’re more tech savvy, you can go on to Shutterfly and create a book that includes recipes and family pictures!

Make it Yourself

Handcrafted gifts are all the rage now! If you’re a knitter, warm hats and scarves made with love (and of course yarn) are much appreciated in the cold weather. If you quilt, a blanket is a staple in any home. And if you’re Van Gogh with a paint brush, why not make a painting that brings out all the beauty you hold inside. No matter what you enjoy creating, you can find a way to share it.

Give Books and e-Readers

The gift of escaping into a good book is not just for the little ones. It’s a timeless hobby. At every age we enjoy reading for learning and self-fulfillment. Consider the gift of audible for a year. It’s an online audiobook and podcast service. The annual subscription comes with thousands of books. Plus, you can purchase additional premium books and audiobooks whenever you like for special occasions. Of course, there is nothing like the feeling of turning the pages of a book that is sweeping you away. You can go to your local bookseller or just purchase them online.

Toss in Sports and Outdoor Gear

If your loved ones are into sports and outdoor activities, that’s a very good thing! Not only will it keep them fit, but it gives you easy gift ideas. Do they enjoy biking, running, camping or another sport? There are endless amounts of equipment out there from skateboards and basketballs to fitness trackers  that let you know how much exercise you are getting. You can even find personal GPS devices that keep you on course and safe when hiking. Plus, you’re encouraging a healthy lifestyle and fun adventures.

Spending some time selecting the perfect gift for someone is a great way to express your love for them and make a positive impact on their lives. We’ve given you some proven winners, but know you’ll come up with some super holiday gift ideas of your own. No matter what you choose, your love and caring will shine through and make every gift a cherished one.

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