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Benefits of Independent Living

An independent living retirement community means a fresh start for many seniors. It’s the chance to truly enjoy new freedoms and opportunities and live their best life now. In fact, studies show that when people are part of a community, such as a senior community like The Manhattan, coming soon to St. Pete., they are happier and healthier. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Maintenance-free independent living

Most of us have spent more sunny days raking leaves and mowing lawns than we care to count. It does not have to be that way. As a member of a service-oriented community, all the chores and home upkeep are handled. That leaves you free to spend your days as you please. Put away the hammer, rake, and mop! It is your turn to fill your days with whatever you choose. Sit back, sip some iced tea, play golf, find a new passion, or rekindle an old one.

New friends and socializing

Being around others whose company you enjoy raises your “feel good” hormones—serving up focus, energy, and optimism. It also makes you more motivated to maintain good physical health. With it come all sorts of benefits, like lower blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, it is more fun to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any event with friends around you. It is one of the big benefits for seniors living in independent living communities.

A feeling of belonging

A sense of purpose, feeling like you are part of a greater community, can completely change your outlook. Senior living communities give you the option of participating in an array of events and activities. With so many choices, it is easy to discover fun new activities and pastimes. You can join a club or form your own, take a class, or volunteer. You can even share your skills and wisdom with other members. There are always plenty of reasons to get up every morning and get excited about a new day.

 Lifelong learning

Your brain is a big winner when it comes to the benefits of independent living. The reason is simple. You are surrounded by so many options for entertainment, engagement, and mental stimulation. That is great news, because challenging your brain builds neural pathways, which help improve memory, attention, thinking, and reasoning skills. Super activities for the brain include book clubs, discussions on world events, and lectures about history and science. You can learn a new hobby or attend a computer workshop. If it interests you, chances are you can discover it in a senior living community.

A plan for the future

Worrying about what might happen tomorrow can rob you of joy today. An independent living community that is a continuing care retirement community, or life plan community, provides peace of mind. That is because personal assistance and higher levels of healthcare are there should you need them. As a healthy, active senior, you can move in and enjoy independent living. Then, should you need them, you have access to advanced levels of care without having to move to another community.

Enhanced nutrition

No more having to worry about what is for dinner or shopping and preparing. In independent living communities, meals are something to savor. Many communities have several venues onsite to choose from that are inviting, with service that is swift and friendly. The chef-prepared menus are a combination of delicious flavors with important nutrition. Plus, special dietary needs can often be accommodated. And having the option of dining with others adds a special touch.

A focus on wellness

We all want to live a long and healthy life, and at The Manhattan, you will explore every aspect of wellness. Join fitness and exercise classes. Assure lifelong learning with events, clubs, and lectures. Feed your body with delicious and nutritious meals. Thrive from warm companionship and emotional support. All benefits of an independent living community.

These are just a few benefits of the Independent Living lifestyle. There are so many, and the list keeps growing.  Even so, making the decision to move to a community, like The Manhattan, is a big one. Learn more and get answers to your questions by calling 717-0291-7600 or schedule a personal appointment.