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some of the best healthy foods for seniors

5 Best Healthy Foods for Seniors

Hippocrates’s “food as medicine” philosophy has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Cultures around the globe, and healthcare providers, have long recognized the role of a good diet in good health. Eating well, especially as we age, helps keep our bodies strong, our minds sharp, and our energy levels up! The American Heart Association dietRead More

the benefits of music can be gained not just by listening to music, but also by playing it

Benefits of Music as You Age

There is power in music. It can make us dance, smile, or cry. It has a way of connecting us to the people and events around us, like a soundtrack to our lives. Research shows that both listening to and making music are also powerful medicines. This is particularly true for older adults battling variousRead More

seniors engaging in healthy aging activities

8 Tips for Healthy Aging

Healthy aging means more than keeping gray hair and wrinkles at bay. How “old” we look, and act are very closely linked to how well we feel. The good news is we have more control over feeling good and, therefore, aging more gracefully than we may think. There are various ways to maintain healthy habitsRead More

a senior showing a gift that she bought using the holiday gift idea guide

The Senior’s Guide to Gift Giving!

Love effortlessly spans generations, but gift preferences usually don’t! As a senior buying for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or even your own children, you can try to keep up with the latest video games or fashion trends, but they change so quickly even the best of us lose track and need some guidance. The goodRead More

senior couples enjoying an active retirement through socialization

How to really enjoy life after 65

Today we’re living longer and staying active. So, don’t we also deserve to be making the most of those years and enjoying life? Yes! And while exceeding our grandparents’ life expectancies is a good thing, it’s not enough to just coast along. You’re likely to have more time on your hands, and if you haveRead More

seniors enjoying life in independent living

Senior Living 101 – Independent Living

Often, home maintenance, and being tired of keeping up with it, are what start the journey and exploration into active living senior communities. But the reality is there are benefits well beyond just home maintenance. Making the move can be a healthy choice that enhances body, mind, and spirit. Here are just a few ofRead More

a rendering of The Manhattan St. Petersburg, a new St. Petersburg retirement community

Industry Leader Takes the Helm at The Manhattan-St. Petersburg

ST.PETERSBURG, FLA. —Lisa Lyons, an accomplished leader in senior living, has joined The Manhattan—St. Petersburg as the Campus Executive Director.  She was appointed by LifeStar Living to further the development plans of this future community that will be situated in the heart of St. Petersburg’s Skyway Marina District along Boca Ciega Bay. In 2022, TheRead More